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Why Investing is Safer than “Working”

There’s Employees working and investing in Real Estatea lot to learn about investing in real estate. We should know. We’ve been doing it for nearly a decade and we learn something new everyday. In fact, we’re not nearly as smart as we thought we were we we first started.

One thing we’ve learned is that we’re better off than when we “worked“. We’re talking about having a J-O-B.

Not that we’re saying “quit your job and invest in real estate“. We’re actually saying “invest in real estate and THEN quit your job“… eventually.


If you haven’t gotten started investing in real estate yet, you should know that the road is long and there is a learning curve. However, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

In the beginning of most people’s real estate investing “adventure“, they are overconfident. The majority don’t consider all of the costs that go into rehabbing a house, or they short the timeline, or they don’t take into account the actual value of a skilled tradesman. In fact, nearly 100% of new investors believe that they will make money on their very first deal. However, once they’re in, many begin to panic and sell too soon… for a loss.

After that first experience, MOST go back to their same 9 to 5 grind, breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t lose more than their initial investment. They say, “Whew. That was close.” Some will even celebrate that they’re “done being landlords”

We say, “Good riddance.” After all, they were mucking up the system for the real investors.


Real estate investing isn’t for the weak. Heck, investing in general isn’t for the weak, so to set you up for success, here are some things to think about BEFORE you buy Florida investment real estate.

With any type of investment, there is risk. When we say “investment” though, we’re not talking about the buying and selling of stuff. We’re talking about investing in yourself by starting your own business and providing a service or selling a product of any kind. Once your doors open, there’s no guarantee that anyone will call you. In fact, there’s a possibility that NO ONE will call you… EVER. So why do some people jump right in, while others wait for “a sign“?


Funny, isn’t it, that the things that keep you out of investing in yourself are also the things that push you into it.

You see, there is a balance point at where our reality is harsher than the possibility of failure, and when people reach that point, they realize that they have nothing to lose.

Well, NO ONE who has a full-time job has any real security. Your employer could fire you tomorrow, or the company could close and you’re fragile paycheck-to-paycheck existence would end… and you’d be two weeks from homelessness. That realization should be enough to push you over the edge.

The reason why the other 99% of the population doesn’t is that most of us are very comfortable in our current situations. It’s only when we’re UNcomfortable that we start thinking about getting rich. Of course, after you’ve lost everything, there’s usually nothing left to invest.


You want to know what’s REALLY risky? Having just one source of income is VERY RISKY, no matter how good that income may be. You can’t look at your paycheck as $65k or $120k or $250k a year. You have to look at it as ONE. ONE source of income, and if that source stops, your large paycheck goes from X to ZERO, and you’re just 2 weeks from homeless.

That’s why NOW is the time to hedge your bets, curb your risk and invest in real estate. Don’t wait for “a sign” and don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can, and does happen to people like you on a regular, daily basis.

10 rental houses with just $50 of net income a month is better than ZERO, and once you get started investing, you’ll find that your stress levels decrease, because you don’t have just ONE source of income. On top of that, your investments are increasing in value, to the point that one day you’ll be able to sell the entire lot and spend your later years in a drunken stuper, passing out in your comfortable lounger in your air conditioned home – instead of a park bench.

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