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How Do I Start Investing in Real Estate?

A common question we hear is “How Do I Start Investing in Real Estate?” New “investors” get amped up after reading real estate wealth building books and watching videos and seeing the insane (by a poor man’s standards) wealth that some real estate investors have acquired, and they’re ready to hit the bricks and start getting rich.

However, they fail to see the entire picture. They’re looking at the end-result, but they don’t know where to start.

Time is the absolute key to success in ANY endeavor.

  • It takes time to learn.
  • It takes time to build relationships and trust.
  • It takes time to get all of your teeth fixed and hair restored so that you can find a HOT wife.

Investing takes time. Invest in TIME. Take your time.


“QUIT” and “FAIL” are synonymous. Show me a quitter and I’ll show you a failure. If you’re impatient, you WILL quit.

However, show me a real estate investor who’s done one bad deal after another, but keeps on plugging away, and I’ll show you the next real estate millionaire. Show me a man (or woman) who’s taken a year to rehab a run down little shack, and I’ll show you a person building a great retirement nest egg.


Bad deals aren’t a result of bad luck: Bad deals are a result of ignorance. Ignorance isn’t a bad thing, though. The true definition of “ignorance” is “absence of knowledge“. How can you be a great investor if you don’t know how to invest? By just dong it.

The overwhelming majority of real estate investors won’t tell you everything you need to be successful. That’s because they had to figure it out without help, so they’re going to let you do the same. True RE investors don’t want more competition, so they’ll let you struggle and (hopefully) wash out and go back to you wage-slave job earning just enough to keep food on your table and our government in operation.

So, here’s the answer to your question:

Ever watch Billy Crystal in City Slickers? The secret to success is in that movie. It’s “one thing“.


If you’re going to be a successful real estate investor, you need to have some clear goals. Make some money” is what homeless people do. Get rich” is what dreamers say. Investors have a clear plan – well, somewhat clear.

It’s hard to predict everything, but it’s pretty easy to understand that time equals money and the more time you spend investing in real estate, the more money you will earn in the long term.

The key to success in real estate investing is to FOCUS ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING! Make real estate investing your “one thing“.


Start with your end goal, and then write a list of what you need to do to accomplish that end goal. If it’s just “have a big house” or “find a hot wife“, you’re wasting your time. It has to be definitive, yet VERY achievable – like buy ONE investment property.

So, if your “end-goal” is to have 300 rental properties valued at $36 million, to accomplish that end-goal, you need to start with ONE HOUSE.

ONE HOUSE is your first goal on the path to the end-goal.

Now, figure out what you need to accomplish buying that first investment property. What can you do TODAY – right now – to buy that first house?

A: Find a house in your goal range.

You can buy houses from us for as little as $30k, that are ready to rehab. Now, anyone who has a job has access to $30k, but it may take a little TIME to get it together.

Q: “What if I only make $30k a year?”

If you cut back on spending and start saving, in 2 years TIME you can buy your first house with CASH. If you get real obsessive, you can cut back on spending, get another job and buy that first house in one year. The real secret is to keep your mind focused on your first ACHIEVEMENT, and in short time you’ll be buying your first investment property.


So, the secret to success in real estate is to Make Real Estate Investing your “one thing“. I you do that, then you’re dreams will become goals, and then your goals will become achievements.