Success has as much to do with luck as leprosy has to do with drinking cheap Tequila. (We’re not taking ANY chances though).

Success is a mindset. It’s an absolute belief that you cannot fail. Successful business people have that mindset. In fact, failure is never even a consideration for the success-minded individual – EVEN WHEN THEY FAIL. If a success-minded business person makes a bad business or investment decision, they call it EDUCATION.

Are you getting it?

Now, have you ever noticed that rich people seem to hang out with other rich people? (HINT: Networking has nothing to do with it.)

Go to a gathering of wealthy/successful people and you’re going to a huge gathering of FAILURES… or learners, depending on your approach. That’s because nobody can understand your struggles better than someone who’s had similar struggles.

Successful people like hanging out with other successful people, because they’ve experienced the same trials and tribulations.

So, the point is that, if you’re trying to become a real estate millionaire on your own…


We found out years ago that hanging out with successful real estate investors was a great way to learn. Not because it saved us from mistakes, but because it gave us the confidence to go out and make our own mistakes. The more we listened to our peers, the more we learned that the only true mistake was to not take any risk at all, and just stay out of real estate.

Success is no accident… and FAILURE looks a lot like EDUCATION.